Why did you choose us?

We're different ...

  • Hexas Technology Corporation is a professional provider of Silicon memory IP. Our memory cells are compatible with the current 12-inches fab in the process, and the memory density is more than 2 times that of the current mainstream memory manufacturers at the same node technology and the same numbers of stacked layers.
  • Our memory IP technologies include 3D-NAND flash, DRAM and NOR flash with FanFET™ transistor, and there are currently more than 20 technology options.
  • For partners or customers facing the pains of technological re-engineering and technology upgrades, this memory IP technology can provide total solutions which developing Nano-scale memory wafers with very little annual capital, effectively improving the capacity rate and utilization rate of the fab.
  • This win-win and mutually beneficial business model is sufficient for our partners to get memory process technology, circuit design, patents co-sharing, and memory chips.
  • We will take the business mission of "change the unit cell, keep co-sharing and collaboration " as the core value of customer relationship and sustainable development。Looking insight, change thinking。 It was the revolution in memory storage technology that is about to develop, extend a range of supply chain industries and employment opportunities, and fulfill social responsibility and give back to society.