About Hexas

Hexas Technology Corporation (Hexas), founded in 2017 in New Taipei City, is a technology-oriented startup for memory intellectual property rights. The company possesses “Emerging Memory Cell Technology and Memory IP Patents”, which are able to fulfill the characteristics and advantages of novelty, advancement and industrial utilization for their advanced process technology and memory IP.

We build a full range of one-stop customers services, including patent IP licensing, technology licensing, technology research and development, process integration, wafer testing, product quality, technical consultation. We also offer a business model of "win-win and mutual benefits", raise international funds and management, and seek to cooperate with global fabs and design house to develop new-looking memory chips, and enter the global memory chip market with memory IP, researching and development.

Business philosophy of Hexas Technology Corporation (Hexas) is to create a mobile storage technology and information distribution channel. Our business goal is to establish a nano-scale 3D semiconductor memory brand, and to become a provider of SSD and cloud system based on a three-dimensional memory chip.