Technology Overview

Hexas's Silicon memory IP is an innovative, novel and unique structure. The Fan-type field effect transistor (FanFET™), developed by Hexas, is a new transistor which is different from the horizontal structure of FinFET and the Gate-all-around (GAA) vertical structure。 The node technology of this new structure can be from 90 nm to less than 10 nm.

This highlights of technology, which is compared to the current mainstream GAA technology, have higher process compatibility 12-inches Silicon fabs, lower capital expenditures of research and development , higher memory capacity density, product diversification, extended roadmap of node technology, and higher reliability qualification.

The technical application of FanFET transistor can not only manufacture the NAND of the 3D stackings (3D-NAND Flash), but also produce vertical-type dynamic random access memory (Vertical DRAM) and vertical-type NOR Flash.

Our product range includes vertical and horizontal 3D-NAND Flash、 DRAM and NOR Flash products that can be applied to 3C products in the 5G and AI era, such as pen drives, memory cards, solid state drives (SSD) and the cloud storage system.

Under the trend of future high-density memory products, this technology will play the role of leading edge and work with partners in the supply chain to jointly cooperate and develop new technologies, derivative technologies and system integration, and meet the demand of "Mass and Speed" for 5G、AI、robots、driverless cars、the cloud, and the big data in the future.

So potential partners with FanFET technology will be able to implement higher density memory with original technology, which not only reduces the cost of the fab's power, equipment, materials, masks, but also allows consumers and enterprises to enjoy more reliable, valuable, inspiring products.